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If you are looking for some insight to the world of TRX suspension training - I am here to give it to you! For those who are unfamiliar, TRX is a bodyweight based exercise tool that simultaneously develops strength, power, stamina, balance, while keeping your mind & body engaged. When I lived in Hoboken a few months back, I started going to FIT RxN with my roomie (shout out Erin!!!) and THE OBSESSION IS REAL. Now, I live in NYC but will travel back to the Boken for any opportunity to go to this studio (but there's also an Upper West Side location for those who live around there!)

Last night, I had the pleasure of taking JD Lorenzetti's 7:30pm class at FIT RxN 's Hoboken Studio called TRX-MashUP. All levels are welcome to this class - but be prepared to SWEAT and WORK. This class includes a warm-up, and sets of 3 TRX movements including planks,  chest presses, rows, squats, hamstring pull-ins, among others, with a kettle bell segment at the end.  JD makes class fun with his high-energy personality, stop-at-nothing attitude, and amazing music selections. I find myself singing along to Kanye West, Jay-Z, some country, and throwback classics. Whenever I feel like quitting - he knows exactly what to say! 

Here's the 411 in case you live in the NY/NJ area and are interested in trying it out! I absolutely love this class and feel stronger (and fitter - pun intended) each and every time I go.  Have any questions? Reach out to the team over at FIT or leave me a comment below and I will get the answer for you! 

Trainer: JD Lorenzetti
Class: TRX-MashUp
Location: I went to the FIT RxN - Hoboken studio, but there is a location on the Upper West Side in Manhattan. 


Chest press action at FIT RxN