I always say that to feel your best, you have to look your best - and that goes for workout wear too! Living an active life means wearing sportswear several times a week, so throughout the years I have invested in a wardrobe of workout clothes - from sneaks to leggings to built-in sports bra tops, I have it all. Let me tell you...I have more spandex than anyone should ever need, and I continue to find new pieces that I just can't resist! I have come to realize that I am addicted to spandex, and I am OK with that :) Throughout my journey, I have found that dressing my best (yes, even to get sweaty) helps me excel at my workout. No, the leggings won't make me swing a kettle bell harder, but it does make me feel good, which makes me want to swing harder!

My advice would be lose the old t-shirts and invest in some workout outfits! I have found amazing essentials at places like TJ Maxx (I am a MAXXonista), Marshall's, and COSTCO. Yes, I said Costco. Let's also not discriminate - all brands are welcome: Nike, Reebok, Adidas, RBX, I'll take them all. 

For a more luxe feel, I love, an online activewear retailer, where you can find tons of brands and styles that will elevate your workout look. I wanted to show you guys the Michi Stardust Legging (the mesh is so risque and I love it) and the Alala Blanket Jacket, that I wearing below - both so comfy. The quality of these leggings are great - they are true to size and snug in all the right places, so I don't have to worry about them slipping off during a workout! Best part of these leggings or jacket... it can transition from day to night separately. 

So, whenever you hit a goal, reward yourself with a new workout outfit. You deserve it! And who doesn't want to look good while they work out? I guarantee your sexy reflection will make you want to hit the ground running!

Photos by my talented sister Joyce Kasab