I Lost 60 Lbs... Now What?

We all talk about getting fit and losing weight. It’s probably the most widely discussed topic in America right now. We talk about how to get there, what new workout to try, what to eat for breakfast, and if lemon water really is the cure for everything. I’m here to share some realness with you guys.

What we don’t talk about is what comes after. You’ve lost the weight or hit a certain goal, and you’re supposed to be confident, right? It’s supposed to just, stay off forever now that you’ve done all the work, right? Well… that’s where the hard comes in.

A little thing called maintenance.

This is who you are now. And you need to keep it up, but you can’t lose yourself in the process. Personally, I get so frustrated some days during this journey.  There are days where I am sick of getting up at the crack of dawn to work out because I know my body will protest if I don’t. I’m over the insane paranoia of gaining a pound or two by having a slice of pizza or a few cocktails with friends. I get engulfed in the negativity of “I can’t go back to that dark place” that I go into a new, darker place, that obsesses over what I’ve put into my body that day or how many extra workouts can I fit in during the week to make up for it.

I forget why I embarked on this journey – to feel good and enjoy life.

Losing weight and investing in myself has made me the happiest I have ever been. It’s led me to new opportunities, new friends, and a new outlook on life – that I can do anything. I know all this. But you’d think it’s easier as you continue each day. Sometimes it is, because you have the right tools in your back pocket to help you through tough moments of weakness, but sometimes, it’s really freaking hard. You want that cookie in your breakroom that your colleagues brought in. You want to sleep in and get that extra hour of sleep. And you know what – it’s okay. As long as you are aware that this is a journey that doesn’t have a destination – you’re in it for life!

Wellness is comprised of mind and body. It’s not automatically instilled in you after you’ve lost the weight – that’s the easier part! The hard part comes in when you need to get back into the real world and apply everything you’ve learned into your day-to-day life. Actually sticking with the changes and hopefully teaching others around you along the way. It’s making sure that you don’t obsess over the small things and keep in mind that your overall health and well-being means not depriving yourself, but knowing your limits and what you need to keep you sane. That, my friends, is the true meaning of balance. So yes, please go have that cocktail and slice of pizza. Enjoy it. Remind yourself that having “one bad thing” doesn’t mean that you’ve lost your way – it means you are human.


photo by my lovely sister: Joyce Kasab

photo by my lovely sister: Joyce Kasab