Reflecting on 2017

It’s become a tradition that I reflect on the past year when New Year’s Eve comes around… I mean, doesn’t everyone?

2017 had its ups and downs for sure. It was the year I fell in love with weight lifting and working out alone. It was the year I realized I didn’t always have to be going on/off some cleanse every other month just to keep up with my leanest body (though, I am working on keeping my regular healthy habits) and it was the year I officially felt stressed out by Instagram and this blog.

I realized that Instagram has become more than a way to share photos and thoughts, it’s become people’s livelihoods, businesses, and shopping pages. Of course, I knew all of this before 2017, but I feel like this was the first year where the social media pressure really got to me. I used to post photos without even thinking, and now I’m like… wait…

 “Ugh, the lighting sucks, can you retake it please please?”

“I don’t know what to say in my captions. Everything feels overdone!"

“I'm worried to post because of this new algorithm. What if I post it and no one likes it?.”

“DAMN IT, I forgot to take a picture and now I can't post this or else it'll ruin my aesthetic.”

Anyone else feel this way too? Hey, I love IG more than the next person (maybe a little too much... ask my boyfriend - hi Ben!) Not trying to be a debbie downer, but I definitely feel like social media anxiety has gotten to me more times than once, but I do know that 2017 has brought me real-life friends from da 'gram. I’ve met more of you guys in 2017 at events throughout the city and by being a Women’s Health Action Hero which always leaves me feeling so excited and fulfilled since I'm sharing my love for this wellness world with like-minded people.

2017 has taught me that I should just go for what I want. I left an industry I was unhappy in to figure out what’s best for me… I still haven’t figured it out but I sure hope to soon. I do know that I’ve opened some space in my life to find out what serves me.

2017 allowed me to be fearless. It brought me confidence to talk to you guys on IG stories and hear your feedback. What you like, what you don’t like. That you want to hear more advice or cooking tips! It’s extremely motivating to see that people are reading and following along. Every time I meet someone who follows me and tells me they tried a tip or if they liked something I said, I get so excited. Sometimes I do get insecure and think no one cares and I should share less, so I'm really glad I listen to my inner voice and continue sharing with you guys!

2017 has shown me that I truly can use this platform for good and to inspire within others. I’m working on not letting myself get caught up with the “insta-perfect” society and just focusing on what’s going to bring love and light into 2018. 

People have been asking me what my resolutions are for 2018. It's a tricky question. I like the idea of goal-setting as you guys know, but I feel like resolutions kinda get lost somewhere between February and March so I try to set these intentions year round...

  1. Prioritize myself and my happiness above all. Learning how to say "no" plays a huge role in this one!
  2. Leave toxic feelings and people behind, because ain't nobody got time for that.
  3. Believe everything is happening for my greater good, even if it doesn't feel like it, there's a bigger plan out there for me.
  4. Trust the process of my wellness journey. 
  5. Spread positive vibes always. Even when people don't wan't to hear it or if you think you are being that "annoyingly optimistic person." Keep spreading that love. <3

Happy New Year, friends, and see you in 2018!




Jumping into 2018 like.... (photo credit by Lauren Cosman)